Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be purchased at any corner optical chain store. The questions that one should ask include, “Is the person fitting my contact lenses experienced and professionally qualified? Is the type and brand of contact lenses being chosen for my individual eyes and needs, or is the same brand being prescribed to everyone? Are follow-up visits scheduled to assess fit and comfort? Who will be available in case of an emergency? Is my vision the best it can be with contact lenses?”

At Riverdale Eye Associates, our contact lens team prides itself in the individual care we give to every one of our contact lens patients. When a new patient comes in for an initial contact lens fitting, a complete eye examination with dilation is done as well. This is often the first truly comprehensive exam that that person undergoes. At this time, contraindications to contact lens wear are determined, dry eye may be diagnosed and treatment started, or other unrelated ophthalmic problems uncovered.

Next, the patient’s visual needs are assessed. Questions, should be asked, such as, “Is she a student? Is he using a computer most of the day? Is she a sports enthusiast? Is he near-sighted, far-sighted, wearing bifocal or progressive glasses?” These questions will help to determine the kind of contact lenses that will be chosen.  A series of measurements are then done to zero in on the brand and parameters of contact lenses to be fit. All types of lenses: soft, toric, multifocal, daily disposable and gas permeable are available at Riverdale Eye Associates. Often patients are sent home to try more than one brand or size of contact lenses, in order to determine the comfort of each. Trial lenses are ordered.

Equally important to the successful fit of a new contact lens patient is the "insertion and removal" training that our patients receive. Our patients marvel at the patience and persistence that we exhibit, even with the most sensitive individuals. Written materials and sample contact lens solutions are supplied.

For our patients’ convenience, they are registered on our secure website so that contact lenses can be ordered 24/7, and delivered to their homes. There are many patients who have considered contact lens wear but assumed or have been told they are not good candidates. We would like to evaluate them. Some people might like to wear contact lenses for a special event. We can fit contact lenses for a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah or any other occasion. We want to encourage all potential contact lens patients to be fit in a professional setting, such as ours, in which all of one’s eye care needs are met and exceeded.

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