Dry Eye

Often when an ophthalmologist or optometrist sees signs of dryness on an eye examination, artificial tears are recommended and no further treatment is offered. At Riverdale Eye Associates, it is different. We take the diagnosis and treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome seriously.  Dry Eye Syndrome is one of the most common causes of ocular discomfort and the reason patients seek eye care practitioners for advice and relief.

Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome include not only a feeling of dryness, but also burning, sticking, itching, pain, blurred vision, and the need to blink often to clear the vision. These other symptoms are often not attributed to dryness and patients go undiagnosed and mistreated.

We, the doctors at Riverdale Eye Associates, listen carefully to our patients’ complaints. If Dry Eye Syndrome is diagnosed, we take a multi-pronged approach in treating it. We may start with a brand of artificial tears that is individually selected for each patient or go directly to prescription drops. We often supplement with Omega-3’s. When indicated, eyelid care and antibiotics either topically and/or by mouth are added. We have great success with punctal plugs and keep many varieties in stock. Clearly written instructions are given to our patients.

Dry Eye Syndrome is a common source of ocular discomfort, and it is a serious, chronic disease. We work in a thoughtful, stepwise fashion to treat it.

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