Cataracts occur when the natural crystalline lens of the eye becomes cloudy. The vision becomes blurred because the clouded lens can no longer focus properly. Most cataracts are related to the normal aging process. Cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss in adults who are over sixty years old. Some diseases, use of certain medications and ocular trauma can also lead to cataract formation at earlier ages.

Cataracts can cause the following symptoms: blurred vision, difficulty reading, problems with glare from the sun or with oncoming headlights when driving at night, poor contrast and color discrimination, and double vision from one eye. A comprehensive dilated examination by one of our excellent and thorough eye doctors can detect cataract formation and growth.

Unlike other ophthalmologic conditions which permanently cause loss of vision, the good news about cataracts is that when they become visually significant, they can be surgically removed, and vision, contrast and colors can be restored to their pre-cataract states! At Riverdale Eye Associates, our skilled and experienced surgeons can perform cataract surgeries with expert precision. We operate on patients of all ages – even 100+ years old. We have vast experience with operating on patients who have complex conditions, such as cataracts and glaucoma, and also on patients who use Flomax, with its added inherent risks related to eye surgery. Cataract surgery is one of the most common and successful surgeries performed.

We are very proud to offer our patients the choice of using a PREMIUM lens implant at the time of their cataract surgery. In addition to utilizing the basic or standard monofocal lens implants which can correct vision for distance OR near, we also use multifocal lens implants, such as Alcon PanOptix® Lens, to allow patients to see more clearly at distance AND near, thereby becoming less dependent on glasses. For patients who have astigmatism, we have had great results with TORIC lens implants, which can largely correct astigmatism from inside the eye, rather than with glasses or contact lenses. There have been many technologic advances in the field of cataract surgery in the past decade. Our surgeons utilize the most modern techniques, including Laser Cataract Surgery, and the implementation of these outstanding premium intraocular lenses is currently revolutionizing modern cataract surgery.

If you have blurred vision and think that you may have a cataract forming, do not hesitate to call our office to schedule a comprehensive eye examination. The timely removal of a cataract can decrease the risk of surgical complications, and can lead to a faster visual recovery.

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